He became interested in wine in 1997, producing his first wine in 1999. When robust wines lacking elegance were predominant. He has been producing wines he is very proud of since 2011.

It is the result of ten years of research and a realisation that the tradition of great wines is the only path to follow. And it could not be otherwise. No shortcuts. When viticulture is a family tradition, you have to decide what kind of wine you want to be recognized for. You have to be very clear about its variety and its quality. Only you know where the vine grows, because it was born there and nowhere else in the world. Then you rely on the processes, and time. And you can't fail. "Chardonnay for sparkling wine grows on the flat terrain of Preval, on the banks of our creek, while our Great Wine Chardonnay is made with Chardonnay grapes from hillside vineyards. Tokaj does best in the vineyard behind the house and Malvasia in the small vineyard where it has always grown. On the hillside, the red varieties Merlot and Cabernet thrive. That's all we have, and that's enough. I have firmly decided to do as the tradition of great wines dictates, because for me – that is the only right philosophy for the production of fine wines. If it is not high quality, I am not interested in it. We produce fourteen thousand bottles per year. If we continue on this path, we could get to produce up to fifty thousand bottles. How to best combine tradition and knowledge is something you have to discover on your own over the years", says Jakončič.

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BLANC DE BLANCS – 2016 extra brut

This sparkling wine has a brilliant straw yellow color with soft greenish reflections and a discreet perlage which, with its refined bubbles, is a sign of persistent secondary fermentation. Intriguing to the nose with an intensely floral fragrance, with notes of acacia, vineyard peaches, and a refined allusion to crusty bread. Creamy on the palate, it has a pleasantly fruity taste with a slight hint of lime honey. Exceptionally fresh and harmonious, with a pleasant mineral aroma. Ideal as an aperitif, it can accompany fish dishes or meat menus, but it can also be livened up without food.


Wine of intense yellow color with golden tones. It spoils with its fruity and spicy aromas, with notes of honey and soil. Its body is powerful, the minerals and salts give it a slight freshness. Each sip entices you to take another, especially when accompanied by dishes it harmonizes with to perfection: fish, chicken, suckling pig and lamb, as well as aged hard cheeses.

DOLAN (sauvignonasse) 2018

Golden colored wine with greenish highlights and a rich body announced by the slow streaks on the glass. Irresistible aroma emphasized by notes of flowering shrubs (dog cherry, sloe, hawthorn) and spices. Mysterious, layered, and fruity on the palate, with notes of honey and mineral freshness, with a finale reminiscent of crusty bread or sponge cake. An ideal companion for Carso ham and bacon, an excellent accompaniment to fish dishes, meat or vegetable dishes, and medium mature cheeses.


Wine of intense yellow color with golden tones. Fragrant bouquet of floral honey and lime, with fruity aromas, especially apricot, peach, and melon. The palate develops a pleasant minerality and acidity. Convincing maturity for a wine that is still young. Ideal for cold and hot appetizers, to be matched with sweet cheeses.


Deep, dense color wine, mostly ruby red with hints of ripe brown and brick red forming at the rim. Fruity on the nose, with an addition of herbs and spices, graphite and real ink and leather. On the palate it produces a veritable explosion of different flavors, where the respective elements (acidity, saltiness, bitterness, and sweetness) compete for temporary supremacy, but then merge into a complex and harmonious taste. You can recognize the taste of fine wild berries, crisp black cherries, caramelized onion jam and more - a decidedly addictive variety of aromas. Great for accompanying well seasoned grilled meats or even vegan dishes.


This ruby red wine accurately covers every sign of aging. A mainly fruity bouquet, with elegant spicy notes and the typical Bordeaux scent of green bell pepper. It starts with a pleasant bitterish tannin note, immediately followed by the fruity flavor, then integrated with a salty wave (minerals) and freshness (acidity). The finish is intense, hinting at the flavor of berry jam (blueberries and raspberries) with the addition of vanilla, but without being luxurious and opulent. This wine goes well with hearty meat dishes, but also with a simple pizza with lots of tomato, cheese, and salami.

JAK 2017

This Cuvée of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is dense and ruby red in color. With a rich and intense nose of black currants, blueberries, and plums. After decanting, well integrated with hints of berries, milk chocolate, coffee, and pepper. The palate is dry, soft, fresh, and mineral. It has a balanced and powerful body, an intense and elegant flavor. Excellent with hearty meat dishes, intense cheeses, and sausages. Experts estimate that it can age with class for up to fifteen years.